About Me


My role as coach is as:

  • an intuitive listener
  • an objective motivator
  • a reliable support

Without judgement, I steer you towards focus, action and sucess with kindness, empathy and determination.

If you are facing a different future than you one you had planned, let’s work together to forge out a new path.

You’ve got everything you need to make your future great, I’ll help you unlock it.


For me coaching is a learning journey to find out about yourself.

My job is to make things happen more quickly for you by:

  • encouraging you to set goals
  • showing you how to break your goals down into bitesize chunks
  • helping you to identify what motivates and drives you
  • guiding you to understand the values that are important to you
  • providing accountability to help you stay on track to meet your goals
  • celebrating your successes as you work towards your goal

I can also combine NLP techniques to make a swift and impressive change to old, negative habits and disabling redundant stories that may be holding you back from success.

Because you are unique, we will spend time together getting to understand how you tick, finding out what motivates you and what you enjoy about life and using those strengths and qualities to walk a new path, carve a new life, create a happier, more fulfilled you so that you are truly empowered for the future.


Firstly there will be challenge because you can’t change by doing the same thing that you have always done. Twisting and tweaking what you already do can unlock a new expanse of possibilities.

There will definitely be uncomfortable moments because I will be nudging you out of your comfortable place to stretch yourself to do that little bit more. A big part of my coaching is a ‘tenacious yet friendly’ approach. The easiest thing to do is to stay in your comfort zone, but that’s not what you came for!

Discover a whole new ‘you’. You will become certain of the unique assets you bring to each situation and I will guide you to use these to make the life that you want.

While you are being coached, there will be times when people will say, “What’s happened to you?”  You will have new stories and new self-belief where you celebrate what makes you unique and special and you will become comfortable with the fact that you are ok!

But you know what? When the ‘new you’ has been around for a while, it will just become ‘you’.

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