Talk about out of my comfort zone….

One of my favourite things to say to clients and indeed to prospective clients, is that change happens out of your comfort zone. That if you get out of your comfort zone and keep doing the exciting, thrilling, stretching stuff, that soon becomes your comfort zone and you can take on higher and harder challenges. […]

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Be More Dog

This picture had many likes when I shared it on Facebook – it seemed to particularly resonate with people. When I asked a few people about why they liked it, there were two main reasons. The first was that the dog has only one thing on its mind (careful…). Apparently, we have between 50,000 – […]

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Healthy Habits For Wellbeing And Productivity

This week I was at a presentation by a local osteopath, Dale Hardiman which was about how you can optimise your productivity through looking after yourself. It was a bit of an eye opener. Obviously I am aware of the health benefits to eating, exercising and sleeping well, but I hadn’t really thought about how […]

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Shake Up Your Senses

There are quite a lot of things that we do automatically in the day, almost without thinking. It’s worth spending a few minutes thinking about what parts of your day are habitual and therefore form part of the day when you are not fully engaged with your life. Based on the experience of my family, […]

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Change Something You Don’t Like

I am going to start with a story about my grandparents who I loved dearly and spent time with during holidays. Thursday was the day that I spent with them whilst my parents were at work and my dad would come to have lunch. Every week we had the same lunch which I (naturally) assumed […]

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