Phobia Cure


Is it stopping you travelling, impacting on your work or starting to affect your home life? Maybe you want to avoid passing on your fear to your children.

If you have a phobia that you really want to get under control, I can help you reduce it to a manageable level or even bust it forever.

People are phobic about all sorts of things. The reaction you have is extraordinary and your actions seem out of your control. It can seem ridiculous to others, but to you, it’s very, very real. A phobia is a fearful response wrapped up in emotions that has been forged over time. But it can be reduced.

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to turn that response right down so that you can get on with your life?

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) is an established technique that was built from the study of excellence in a variety of fields. NLP comprises of a dedicated and habitual approach to positive language, physiology and emotions and also proven techniques which can change the unconscious programmes that we run in our minds all the time based on our experiences.

These unconscious programmes are unique to us and we carry them into every new situation. Occasionally, as in the case of phobias, negative experiences have formed our habitual programmes, and prevent us from being confident and successful. Carefully created exercises in NLP, can help re-programme these restrictive, damaging responses so that they become positive, empowering reactions.

My own cured phobia was of the 8-legged beastie variety. My learnt response was one of terror – absolute flight at all costs. My hair would stand on end and I would freeze before running panicked from the room. I could not even talk about them, look at pictures and would not be able to enter a room without checking for their presence first. Aside from everyday inconveniences, a trip to Australia was out of the question for years until I was thoroughly reassured that it was just as likely as staying home that I was going to have an encounter and I could not go with children on a school trip to the tropical house.

So I had the phobia cure NLP treatment. A fairly short, straightforward process. Sceptical (as I suspect some of you are) that it could possibly work, I tested myself by going to the local ‘Wrigglies’ shop which sells pets that wriggle, and to my astonishment, not only could I enter the shop, I was able to look at the baby arachnids as if they were just another animal. Truly amazing! I was faced with my first house encounter too and was able to get a piece of paper and remove it, looking at it with wonder as opposed to horror. (By the way, I am able to use the ‘s’ word now, but I appreciate that some of you reading this will not be able to read it – yet!)

For me, it’s a life-changer. Do you want to free your fear too?

The process is fairly swift: for most people, an hour session will be sufficient. The testing of how well it works is up to you. I won’t be asking you to challenge your fear with me because a massive part of the process is putting you back in control of your life. Working in a private, confidential and relaxed space, I’ll get to know about you and your phobia and then we will get on with easing it away.

So, get in touch and let’s squash that fear so you can rise to new heights and just get on!

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